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B'ROOT BAR - Root Cutting Tool, Digging Tool, Vertical Axe

B'ROOT BAR - Root Cutting Tool, Digging Tool, Vertical Axe

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Color: Black


  • Engineered and designed strictly to cut through large tree roots and dense vegetation
  • Can cut the larger roots near the trees base allowing you to shape the root ball to the size you want it.
  • Effectively and efficiently saving time, energy and labor cost
  • Allows the worker to operate in the standing position over the work area.
  • 48- inch or 72-Inch Vertical Axe/Root-Bar, Commercial grade.


Details: Introducing a new Commercial Grade tool the B'ROOT BAR - Vertical Axe/Root-Bar, this is a specialized tool, which is different from traditional and currently similar tools on the market. If we look at a modern tamping bar, it's designed to dig in the dirt, bust up ground filled with clay, rocks, gravel, ice, and debris. A tamper bar traditionally has a chisel type edge on a narrow blade. A Vertical Axe/Root-Bar is more specialized, as it is designed to cut wood found in trees, roots, and other dense vegetation. It's not an axe that you swing, but it's an axe that you thrust, throw down, or drop vertically. Typically, this is done in confined spaced areas such as fence-post holes, tile/utility line trenches, or up against areas such as permanent landscape elements that can not be moved, or need to be protected from heavy machinery. Often on these construction sites, large trees with extensive root systems can impede the progress or add cost to deal with these barriers. The Vertical Axe/Root-Bar allows workers to cut through that wood material deep in a hole or narrow trench effectively and efficiently, which saves time, energy, labor costs, and allows for safer working conditions. The axe head that was designed for this project is unique, in that it will be mounted to the end of a long driver bar, but the geometries that make it an efficient cutting tool, has it's lineage in axes. This is one of the reasons that axes are still one of the most efficient wood cutting tool.


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