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Altas Strength Smith Machine Light Commercial Home Gym Total Body Cage Workout Gym Equipment Tower Squat Rack

Altas Strength Smith Machine Light Commercial Home Gym Total Body Cage Workout Gym Equipment Tower Squat Rack

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Altas Strength Smith Machine Light Commercial Home Gym Total Body Cage Workout Gym Equipment Tower Squat Rack with Pulley Ratio 2:1 Weight Lifting Machine Leg Press Strength Training M810



  • Strength training equipment all-in-one – This complete training system features an innovative structure that combines arm and leg stations for strengthening different muscle groups and executing comprehensive workouts,limiting the need to switch between gym equipment.
  • Exercise equipment– Engage in intense weightlifting or strength training right in the comfort of your home! It includes 6 weight plate pegs that are built into the frame, letting you organize weights/barbells on the machine for easy accessibility. (Included 200kg weight stack in the back but not include weight plate)
  • Home gym machine – this versatile weight system home gym is designed with dual Action press arms. The press arms allow you to perform a variety of arm and chest exercises to develop your biceps, triceps, pectorals, and other muscle groups.
  • Leg press machine – featuring a dual-function leg developer, This unit comes with a pivot point that facilitates proper body form during workouts, allowing maximum effect on targeted muscle groups.
  • Cable machine gym equipment – This light commercial equipment is made with a heavy-duty steel frame reinforced with a durable powder coated finish. It utilizes sturdy aircraft cable with a tensile strength of 2,000lb that's guaranteed to withstand intense long-lasting use.

Details: ALTAS STRENGTH M810 Smith Machine with Pulley System Cage Machine Workout with Linear Bearings Gym Quality For Your Home The ALTAS STRENGTH is designed for the home, but built like a club machine. This total body training system combines a Smith machine, with precision, linear bearings, an Olympic free-weight rack and a cable routed pulley system. Smith Machine: Smith Machines ideal for improving foundational barbell movements and building muscle with a lower risk of injury. Functional Trainer: Basic exercises includes: cable fly, standing lat pushdown, lat pulldown, horizontal bar and parallel bars, low bar pull-up, barbell deadlift, barbell squat, boxing, push-up, pull-up, and butterfly exercise. Together with a workout bench, they offer more workout options include seated leg extension, lying leg extension, upper body stretches, as well as incline, decline and flat barbell chest press. Key Features: Top/low Pulley cable system Linear bearings Pull-up bar Steel aircraft cables, rated to 2,000 lbs Chest fly station Pop-pin knob Removable leg developer station Construction Highlights: In a compact footprint Heavy-duty frame Powder-coated finish Off-the-floor base Included Accessories: A long lat pull Bar, a pair of long Safety bar, a pair of short safety bar, a landmine attachment, a pair of adjustable butterfly handle, a squat attachment, a pair of add weight attachment, a long handle, a pair of steel handle, a pair of dip attachment, a sit-up cushion, a triceps rope and a leg press attachment. The weight plates, bench and shoulder pad are NOT included in the package. Specifications: Product Dimensions: 75" L x 65" W x 86" H Package Dimensions: 83" x 41" x 23" Product Weight: 1020lbs Weight Stack: 2 x 220 lbs Cable Resistance Ratio: 2:1 Warranty 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY ON PARTS


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